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HOME to HOME’s purpose is to honor Christ by promoting unity among Christians by encouraging simple hospitality, and providing a vehicle to help families be good stewards of the financial resources God has entrusted to them. Our vision is to make it possible for Believers all over the world to obtain safe, free lodging and fellowship with other families who share these values.

HOME to HOME is an ideal money-saving alternative to conventional travel lodging arrangements (such as hotels, resorts, etc.) for Christian hospitality-minded families, couples and individuals of all ethnicities, ages, and economic backgrounds. For the cost of one night's stay in a hotel, you can pay for your annual membership which supports Christian believers, rather than hotel establishments who support in-room pornography or other anti-Christian and anti-Family activities. HOME to HOME is also ideal for those who do not travel but would enjoy hosting other Christians in their home.

Founded in 1994, HOME to HOME has been featured on “How to Manage Your Money” with Larry Burkett produced by Christian Financial Concepts (now Crown Ministries), on "ViewPoint Radio" with Charles Crismier, and also on “Pastor to Pastor” with H.B. London, produced by Focus on the Family.

HOME to HOME offers many wonderful locations to choose from, and key information is available in the directory about the local attractions and/or events, which have been submitted by your Christian host family. Whether you are on vacation, visiting relatives, attending a convention, etc. you can enjoy family-style hospitality with fellow Believers. HOME to HOME is your family away from home!

  • “Many wonderful locations to choose from, and information about the local attractions nearby,,, (PLUS!) enjoy family-style hospitality with fellow Believers”
    --Member, 2010

  • “Cheerfully share your home
    with those who need a meal
    or a place to stay for the night.”
    -- I Peter 4:9